To Begin…

img_2421Welcome to Mel’s Curiosity Shoppe, featuring beautiful handmade wireworked and classic-styled jewellery. My designs are one-of-a-kind – that means no remakes, and you get lovely trinkets no one else in the world has! 

All prices listed are mainly in Great Britain Pounds/Singapore Dollars and ship from Singapore. For safety and tracking reasons, all packages will be posted by registered (tracked) mail. Postage is not included in prices.

Accepted methods of payment include Singaporean bank transfers (POSB/DBS/UOB ATM/I-banking), and Paypal for non-UK/non-Singaporean buyers.

To order, either comment on the sales post or email me at paigealexis@gmail.com ! 🙂


I am a proud member of SRAJD!


Ok, so I haven’t been very good with updating anything, but I claim the extreme busy-ness of my schedule in Sheffield and the tons of books I’ve had to read. I really doubt I can do anything much here with my Shoppe given the lack of materials and time, but as I don’t want to cart back the jewellery I’ve brought over, I’m having a massive clearance sale on necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets! Prices start at GBP1.00 for rings and don’t go above GBP25.00 for necklaces (mostly). The sale goes on until the designs are sold, or until I leave the UK in September 2011, whichever comes first!

If you live in the UK, you’ll benefit the most because you’ll save on international shipping charges (even better if you’re in Sheffield). But if you’re in Singapore, drop me a message and I’ll try and get your purchase to you as cheaply as possible. Singaporean patrons can make direct transfers to my POSB account as usual, with the current exchange rate.

Feel free to make any queries you might have about anything and I’ll do my best to respond quickly!

Happy shopping!

A very quick one

So, I’ll be leaving our sunny Singapore shores on Sunday morning, September 12th (how’s that for sibilance?) and I just wanted to say thank you for all your support in the 5 years Mel’s Curiosity Shoppe has been set up.

The Shoppe will be operating on a much smaller scale for 2011, from the UK as I’ll be busy with my MA and wedding preparations but I’ll definitely keep designing and putting up new dream-worthy pieces!

The Shoppe will be closed from now till 30th September (or when I get settled in properly) but if I have a bit of time this week I’ll update with some new pretty pieces I did very recently.

Till then!

When: July 3-4 (Sat-Sun) AND Aug 7-8, 11am-6pm @ Red Dot Design Museum, Maxwell Road

Come down to MAAD in July and get your very own, designed-just-for-you wireworked necklace with materials you have selected personally! Watch Mel create your personal necklace right in front of you!

Simply choose your materials from the stash and hand them over to Mel (who is friendly and very, very nice) together with payment, who will whip up a gorgeous creation on the spot. Wire used will be silver, gold and copper toned non-tarnish brass.

Cost? Only SGD25 with either a complimentary (length customisable) chain in plated gold, 925 silver or rhodium, OR a clasp for a bag charm.

BONUS: If Mel thinks your necklace could use a little more than what you’ve chosen, extra materials will be used at NO COST to you!

Wirework is fun, unique and stands out from the tons of mass-produced jewellery – what more could you ask for in only $25?

Thank you everyone for being so patient with my downtime! Here’s a little something because you’re such wonderful people!

No hidden costs – the offer is as it is!

…as I recover from my LASIK operation. Please patient if you place orders or make queries this week – not allowed to have too much computer time to rest the eyes!

xx Mel

Just to update everyone on some plans in the works…

Leaving for Sheffield

Am planning to take a semi-sabbatical from August 10th-September 30th from the Shoppe, to prepare and pack for Sheffield. Even now I’m closing customisations as I’m simply too busy with personal projects and lots of school stuff (yes, for teachers there are NO holidays despite popular belief).

I will still accept orders for designs already in the Shoppe (absolutely NO special/custom requests) until September 1st. Last day for NORMAL postage of local/international packages will be September 5th OR TWO days before departure whichever is first. Registered mail services will NOT be available from September 1st.

Transactions from October 1st, 2010-September 2011

…will be mailed from the UK and all international postage rates will apply. Prices will remain in SGD/USD/GBP. Singaporean buyers can still make payment to my POSB account. For customers of other nations, I will make a special listing on Etsy (in USD)  for you and you can make payment directly via credit card/Paypal.

For Singaporean buyers only: To help save on individual postage fees, I will be holding a monthly spree based on my Shoppe. Postage fees will be split equally between all customers. The whole package will be sent to Singapore where my hubby-to-be has offered to mail the packages locally at home cost. This system will be trial-and-error so please have some patience; and if your purchase is a gift please place your order in advance. International mail may take up to 3 weeks to arrive + 2-3 days for local postage. I will inform you once the package arrives in Singapore and has been posted.

So if you do have something you’re eyeing for that Christmas present/gift from September onwards, you might want to purchase it now 😉

Will update more details as the date draws near!

Wow, this is the biggest update I’ve done in a while – nearly 20 wireworked necklaces. Half has been uploaded to the site, and this preview shows the coming designs, freshly pulled from the workshop only this week.